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14.12.2020 Jeff M.
So kann's manchmal laufen für einen interessanten Artikel.
Aufmerksam bei F...k gelurkt:

Jeff Maynard,
Historical Diving Society Australia-Pacific:
The latest Classic Diver magazine features a series of CAD drawings of the world's first commercial single hose regulator, the Porpoise, along with an interview with its Australian inventor, Ted Eldred. Plus heaps of other news and stories. The 32-page colour magazine will go to financial members this week.
Jeff angemailt, Erlaubnis, Text und Bilder per Mail bekommen. Übersetzt und fertig ist der nächste Artikel für die TH15 mit sehr schicken 3D-CAD-Zeichnungen vom Porpoise.

25.4.2019 von Bryan VDH

hat auch sofort geantwortet, nett ;-)
Absolutely! Use all the pictures you like.
Also use the pictures from the website store if they are helpful.

25.4.2019 LS an VDH

Die TH11 ist noch warm, aber die TH12 will vorbereitet sein:
Hi Bryan,
I'm an owner of a Kraken (Dresden on your world map) and I'm the publisher of the journal "TauchHistorie" (Diving History).
This is the official journal of the Historical Divers Society here in Germany.
I would like to write an article about the Kraken and your other components like the Cyclone, the Phoenix and the HPR.
But I need some images for this article.
Please, give me your permission for using the images from your forum.
I think this is enough material.

27.1.2019 Stephane E.
Just received TauchHistorie nº10 with my article, excellent work you have done here! Many thanks for that! The article looks incredibly nice and the format is absolutely awesome!
Many thanks again for publishing my article, I'm looking forward to working again for TauchHistorie whenever needed!

4.4.2018 Des W.
What a WONDERFUL surprise it was to receive your detailed email regarding your investigation of David Dekker's ORCO Mask. I am delighted to see your AMAZING diagram/photos and precision detective work.
Congratulations to you for pursuing the ORCO story and asking more questions and REALLY making this a fine technical report. Without your dedication to exactness and detail, the story would just be another story!
You have produced the definitive ORCO examination, no one else has ever done that. That is the true spirit of the HDS groups around the world.
The next article on the ORCO for your December magazine will be read with much interest on my part, as I have often wondered how the ORCO worked back in WW2.

(siehe die ORCO-Story in der TH9)

3.4.2018 L.S. an Staffan von A.

The article about Victor Berge is ready for publishing in our TauchHistorie in June. I got a Berge mask from David Dekker to disassemble and to make a documentation. It was a hard job because the parts were badly corroded, but I was too curious and had to do it ;-)

25.11.2017 Des W.
I have just thought of a few more interesting items regarding the Orco/Berge mask. You might like to incorporate this information into the article too, but that is your decision.

a) Victor Berge produced a book in 1954, on his life story, titled "Danger is My Life" which contains some first-hand information on his development of the mask. It was from this book I drew some of my research for the article. I have attached an image of the cover of my copy of the book here, as it is hard to find the book these days.
b) I found another image in my collection, of Harry Chadwick using the ORCO mask in New Guinea in 1943. See attached image.
c) The only existing example of the ORCO mask that I have seen here in Australia, is one which is located in the Royal Australian Navy Museum in Sydney. Unfortunately, the rubber has gone very hard, and is basically
"frozen in time". Please see the other three images attached here.
d) One last thing ............ which I also sent to HDS Sweden, was a pdf copy of a scan I made of the original 1942 ORCO instruction booklet issued with each mask in WW2. I have an original booklet in my collection, so I made a scan for Staffan, if you would also like a copy, please let me know. It is a very basic instruction manual, with no images.
Well, that is all I can provide on the ORCO mask Lothar, I hope this will be of assistance.